About Beyond Voter Lists

Whether you promote a candidate or a cause, Beyond Voter Lists delivers proven direct-mail, telemarketing, and e-mail lists of generous donors and committed special-interest group members. 

Plus, we help you engage with influential private-sector leaders. We can even support your campaign with coordinated online display ads, social media, radio, newspaper inserts, and database services. 

Call us today at (855) 868-5478 or e-mail sales@beyondvoterlists.com. Put us to the test, and watch votes and donations soar!

Here are some of our services:

Proven Activists & Donors — Conservative, Christian, Humanitarian and Progressive Lists
Reach activists and donors across the political spectrum from committed conservatives or progressives to Tea Party activists, Evangelicals, Catholic and Jewish appeal supporters, and humanitarian and healthcare donors. Via direct mail, e-mail and/or telemarketing lists, Beyond Voter Lists can help you reach motivated activists who have signed online petitions, contacted their elected officials, or donated to a favorite candidate or cause. You can tap donors to city, state and national campaigns. You can target members of special-interest and high-profile advocacy groups whose lists are on the market. You can even send e-mail messages to conservative talk-show host followers!

Screen Your Names for Ineligible Voters
Have the experts at Beyond Voter Lists screen your names for ineligible voters meeting the following criteria:
- Registrants at addresses that do not meet state or federal voter eligibility requirements;
- Duplicate registrants with comparable first and last names or other identifiers at the same address;
- Duplicate registrants who are listed at more than one address;
- Registrants who moved out of town, county, state legislative or Congressional district, and their new addresses;
- Registrants who moved within town, county, state legislative or Congressional district, and their new addresses;
- Deceased.
Lists of Business & Professional Leaders
Identify business and professional leaders at work and at their home addresses to get their support for your campaign. These can be targeted by individual business title, industry, business size and geographic location.
List Management — Turn Your Names Into Cash
Our experienced list professionals can help you generate new revenue for your campaign or cause, and promote your names to prospective list renters and their agencies. We can also help you build trusting partnerships to rent or exchange names with approved organizations. See our current managed lists of Donors to Campaigns and Causes.
Online, Media, Personalized Voter Maps, Triggered Mail, Micro-Targeting & Data Services
Beyond Voter Lists can support your campaign with targeted online display advertising. You can place banner ads on name-brand sites and national ad networks as well as social media.  Coordinated newspaper inserts and radio advertising are also available. Plus, we can update your lists to improve delivery and reduce mail costs. And we can deliver better micro-targeted response by enhancing your databases with multi-channel contact data, with creation of personalized digital maps that show voters how to get from their homes to polling places or events, with opt-in e-mail that is “triggered” by direct mail, and with demographic data, voter data and more!
Proprietary Research
Through its affiliation with AccuList USA, Beyond Voter Lists has access to extensive proprietary research on the performance of 1000s of lists for various competing or complimentary political causes and campaigns.  As just a sample, see the “Top Lists by Appeal & Party”on our home page. For more on how you can use this research to promote your campaign or cause, call 855-868-5478, or e-mail sales@beyondvoterlists.com.

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