About David Kanter

I hope the shared commentary on this blog will be useful to both newcomers and veterans in direct marketing applications to political campaigns and causes. In my own posts, I will be drawing on more than 30 years of direct marketing experience to highlight interesting new ideas and share proven strategies for cost-effective ways to win voters and donors.

Since I founded AccuList USA, a wholly owned subsidiary of AccuList, Inc., in 1988, I have worked with thousands of companies and non-profit organizations as a national list brokerage and direct-marketing services provider.  Many clients retain me as their primary list broker and direct marketing consultant, and my success stories in acquisition and retention include complex e-mail, direct mail, telemarketing, co-registration, online display advertising, and multi-channel direct marketing campaigns. AccuList USA also provides expert support services in merge-purge, predictive modeling, list enhancement and direct mail production.

In 2012, I debuted Beyond Voter Lists. Whether you promote a candidate or a cause, Beyond Voter Lists can provide proven direct-mail, e-mail and telemarketing political lists, from generous donors to committed special-interest group members. Plus, we help engage with influential private-sector leaders and further support campaigns with coordinated online display ads, social media, radio, newspaper inserts and database services.

My marketing expertise includes non-profit fundraising, financial markets such as insurance and investor relations, multi-channel retailers and cataloguers, trade shows, consumer and business publications, and continuing education. I am an SRDS-recognized list and insert media broker and manager, and The Direct Marketing Association counts me among the handful of list professionals who are nationwide "List Leaders." I am also a former professional exhibition manager.

I am a published expert on the list business and list industry trends and practices. Some of my articles and commentaries are posted at http://www.acculistusa.com and recently have been published in MultiChannel Merchant and Direct Listline, along with other industry trade publications and newsletters. As a guest lecturer, I also have taught at Loyola University on behalf of the Direct Marketing Club of Southern California.

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