Monday, October 8, 2012

Microtargeting Drives Surge in Digital Political Ads

Political advertisers want “microtargeting,” and streaming digital sites like Hulu are cashing in, according to a recent "Adweek" article by Sam Thielman. “When it comes to microtargeting, that’s where you do it — social and digital advertising,” is the quote from one ad buyer at a major agency placing political ads. Hulu Senior Vice President of Advertising JP Colaco was happy to back that: “You can actually target down to the ZIP code. You can really target down in those battleground states if you're trying to target someone specifically.”  Another digital advantage, per Colaco: “The Obama campaign, which is a big advertiser for us, is actually using an ad-selector format,” allowing the user to choose the campaign and ad message most relevant to them. That self-selection makes viewers feel less bombarded and more in control, he noted. For more, see the article at

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