Thursday, February 28, 2013

Even Serious Causes Enjoy Light-hearted Memes

Your marketing team may work for a serious and important cause, but that doesn't preclude sharing a smile at an Internet meme (popular and clever online images and catchphrases) to boost spirits, blogs Steve MacLaughlin in a recent post on He provides some of his own nonprofit memes, so that, from the mouths of babies and Star Wars characters, marketing slogans take on a humorous twist. He suggests you check out if you also want to lighten the hard work of nonprofit marketing. Because there's some wild stuff floating around the Internet, we would add an important caveat: Avoid images and language that might be considered offensive or inappropriate by some, especially in the workplace, or that is not in keeping with the image or purpose of your particular campaign or cause. Misguided private jokes can easily become public scandal in the social sharing environment. That said, take a look at Steve's nonprofit memes for a chuckle at

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