Thursday, February 14, 2013

'Green' Myths Distort Marketing Best Practices

Eco-friendly "green marketing" is one of the socially responsible standards embraced by some nonprofit and political campaigns, yet many unknowingly may subscribe to myths that do not achieve, and even harm, their goal of environmentally friendly communications. In a recent "Target Marketing" blog guest article, Adam Freedgood, chair of the Direct Marketing Association's Committee on the Environment and Social Responsibility, sought to debunk a few costly and unproductive green marketing myths. For example, the notion that "paperless" digital marketing is better for the environment than print-based media is unproven and ignores facts like this: Most electronic digital devices are made of toxic heavy metals and petroleum-based plastics and are too toxic for landfills, yet a mere 15% of the tons of e-waste produced each year is safely recycled. And what about the massive energy demands of fossil-fuel-powered data centers and the air pollution created? For more mythbusting, see the full article at

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