Thursday, January 24, 2013

After Robust 2012, Nonprofit Giving to Weaken

Nonprofits found generous donors last year, but this year's giving is getting a gloomy forecast. Total giving to nonprofits rose 6.7% in 2012, an increase of $23.32 billion over 2011, according to a report released by The Atlas of Giving. Environmental causes were the biggest beneficiaries, with donations growing by 11% in 2012, more than any other portion of the U.S. charitable economy. The education sector and disaster-related causes (such as aid for super-storm Sandy victims) also gained from last year's donor generosity, with gifts up 8.8% for both. Meanwhile, religious giving saw continued erosion of its share of the charitable pie. Giving to religion claimed just 35% of total donations in 2012, compared with 50% of charitable contributions back in 2002. "Overall, 2012 was a very solid year for giving," Rob Mitchell, CEO of The Atlas of Giving, remarked in a "Fundraising Success" magazine article. "Robust stock market performance, an improving economy, and a few very large individual contributions were significant factors." Now the bad news: Despite 2012's strong showing, 2013 doesn't look good. The Atlas of Giving forecasts only 1.6% growth in charitable giving this year, one of the slowest growth rates in 50 years. Declines in stock market returns and a 2% hike in the payroll tax are expected to dampen donation growth. For the full story, see

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