Tuesday, January 29, 2013

'Show Me Impact' Is Mantra of Rich Young Donors

Affluent young donors say they are more focused than their parents and grandparents on producing a measurable impact with their giving, according to a new study conducted at Grand Valley State University by 21/64, which advises young donors and their families, and the Johnson Center for Philanthropy. Wealthy younger donors want to conduct research on charities so they can find groups that meet their strategic goals, according to the study. But they don't dismiss family philanthropic aims: Only a third of those surveyed said they give to different causes than their parents. Still, wealthy young donors are more likely than their elders to support civil rights and the environment, and less likely to support the arts, religious groups, and health causes. The report was based on a survey of 310 people age 21 to 40, with the majority of those surveyed inheriting family wealth. And how do they like to interact? Online, of course. Nearly 78% of wealthy young donors said they gave online in the past year, and more than 90% said they visit a charitable organization’s website for information. For more details from the study, see the "The Chronicle of Philanthropy" article at http://philanthropy.com/article/Wealthy-Young-Donors-Push/136869

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